Vintage Debit/ATM Card

Our Visa Debit Card works as both an ATM Card and a Point of Purchase Card. With one swipe the payment is deducted directly from your Vintage Bank Kansas account, and you save the time you would have spent writing a check at the checkout counter. As an additional service, we will refund up to $5 per month in ATM charges from other financial institutions.

Choosing Debit or Credit:
Many customers wonder what to say when asked “debit or credit” at the checkout counter. If your card is processed using the “debit” option, you will be required to input your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorize the purchase, just as you would when using an ATM. If your card is processed using the “credit” option, you will sign a receipt or electronic signature device as an alternative to using your PIN. Regardless of which option you choose, the transaction will still come directly out of your checking account. Vintage Bank Kansas recommends using the “credit” option, as signing for your transaction is more secure than potentially exposing your PIN to surrounding store patrons.