Debit Cards

Block and Unblocking

Lost or stolen card? With the simple navigation of online banking you can turn your card on and off at any time, day or night. You will be able to turn your card off the moment you suspect an issue, no matter what time of day it is. Or you can simply unblock your card, moments before a purchase, then block it once the transaction is completed. Block and unblock your card at your discretion!

Card Alerts

Card Alerts are another great feature that allows you to monitor your account. The closer you watch your account the faster you will catch and stop fraudulent activity. These alerts will notify you moments after your card is used. Card fraud is a growing issue and can happen at any time. If someone steals your card information it can go days undetected. With card alerts you don’t have to worry, you will get notified every time your card is used. You can learn more about card alerts under the “Accounts” tab once you login to your online banking.