Protecting Your Information

“Every individual should own their role in protecting their information and securing their systems and devices. There are many steps individuals can take to enhance their cybersecurity without requiring a significant investment or the help of an information security professional.” – National Cyber Security Alliance

At Vintage Bank Kansas we will always be about servicing your financial needs. Today’s technology empowers you with greater access and control of your accounts. For many that means saving time with fewer trips to the bank by securely accessing your accounts with the convenience of the internet.

We have taken every effort to protect your information and accounts. We utilize the most advanced security available today. We understand the security of your private information is important to you and is equally important to us! However you also play an important role in protecting your accounts. If you are concerned that you may become a victim of an on-line or an internet thief, or want to learn how to better protect your accounts click the link below provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance and view the 8 steps on how to own your role in protecting your information.

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