Tips For Online Shopping


Unlike your debit card, through the mylocalbankcard app your Vintage Bank Kansas credit card can be set to block all international transactions or limit transactions to certain regions. You can also set spending limits and restrict transactions to types of merchants that you authorize.

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Set Up Card Alerts

On both your credit and debit card you can enable card alerts to text or email you. You can customize the parameters of what will generate an alert, and you will be notified within moments of the transaction.

Watch Your Account

The sooner you report fraud the less money you will lose. Whether through online banking, mobile banking or simply reviewing your monthly statement keep a close eye on your account.

Block and Unblock Your Debit Card

Download our mobile app and you can disable and enable your debit card at the click of a button. This way your card can only be used when you activate the card yourself.

Watch for Scams

Scams can be easy to miss. By knowing their tricks, it will be easier for you to see their tricks. Click the link below to learn more.