Vintage Bank wants to provide our customers with the resources, information and advice they need to meet their financial goals.

Our accounts are designed to offer features that you choose as valuable to your banking needs. Features such as online banking, bill pay, debit and credit cards, ATM access, detailed statements with check images, fraud scoring, health savings accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and car loans are some of the many ways Vintage is redesigning banking around your needs.

Our Personal Banking solutions and our Vintage Bank Professionals are here to serve and assist you. We can help you plan as you move through the future.

Contact a Vintage Bank Kansas professional at your local branch for further information.


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Whitewater Branch  |  316-799-2137

Rose Hill Branch  |  316-239-7627

Wichita Branch  |  316-719-3838

Mulvane Branch  |  316-239-7610

Conway Springs Branch  |  620-456-2252

Peabody Branch  |  620-983-2181

Towanda Branch  |  316-536-2282