Choose Your Style!

WheatBlue Marble American Flag Buffalo

When your current card expires you will be issued a new card with a card image. Let us know what style you would prefer! If you don’t let us know before your card expires, the buffalo image will be the default.

How it Works

Although these cards still have a chip, you can now use “Tap to Pay” at point-of-sale terminals that are contactless-enabled. The new contactless cards not only spread less germs, they are also faster and easier a checkout.

Simply hover your card over the card terminal to begin your payment. After a few seconds the terminal will prompt you with a completion message. It’s that easy!

Because there is limited physical contact with payment terminals and cashiers, there is a reduced risk of skimming devices or malicious software stealing your card information. Each transaction uses a one-time, unique digital code to facilitate secure communication between your card and the card reader.